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Encountering the Divine

Research Interests

By talking to some of the scholars and researchers working within the spirituality field I have narrowed down some topics that I find interesting and worth pursuing:

  • Definitions of Spirituality: What does it mean in Early Childhood Education?
  • Early Childhood Educational settings working with spirituality: Is it possible to nurture spirituality in schools?
  • How can we help nurture children's spiritual development?
  • Can spirituality be considered an area of development, like cognitive, language, physical or social-emotional, or is it it bigger, broader than that?
  • How do children develop and construct the notion of God?
  • What are children's conceptions of spirituality?
  • Children's dreams and spiritual lives: How is spirituality lived by in dreams?
  • Spirituality can be conceived outside the realms of religion, but is it bound to the belief in God? Can atheists be spiritual?


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